Type of Flexible Pavement construction uses asphalt as the binding material. Asphalt is a cement material that is black, has a solid or half-solid texture. The main constituent element in the asphalt is called bitumen. Bitumen can occur naturally or can also be produced from oil refineries. In the meantime, if you need to know the strength of your road, you may try cbr testing as soon as possible.

In its use, asphalt is heated first to a certain temperature until the asphalt becomes liquid. In a liquid state, asphalt can wrap aggregate particles and can enter the pores of the road layer. When the temperature has started to fall, the asphalt will become hard and then tie the aggregate in place.

This type of highway pavement can be found easily on various roads in several countries. Travel in urban areas to rural roads using this type of pavement. Generally, the type of asphalt used in some countries is asphalt with penetration of 60/70 or with penetration of 80/100. This type is better suited to the climate in the country where the asphalt road is built. As for roads in cold climates with low traffic volume, the type of asphalt used is high penetration asphalt 100/110.

This type of road pavement with asphalt has the nature of carrying and spreading traffic loads to the subgrade. If you use this type of pavement, rutting or ruts will appear when there is a repetition of the load. In addition, other influences are the occurrence of bumpy roads as a result of decreasing ground level.

In addition, the type of composite pavement construction combines the types of rigid pavement construction and types of flexible pavement construction. The construction of flexible pavement is positioned above rigid pavement construction or vice versa.

Now that’s the types of highway pavement used on highways. Determination of the type of highway pavement that will be used in the process of making roads is of course adjusted to the load to be borne by the road. The choice of the type of highway pavement that fits the load will certainly make the highway become more durable and durable.