The problem of a fishy-smelling tile is actually very trivial and can be easily overcome by you as long as you know the most appropriate way. As much as possible avoid using natural cleaning agents because their ability is not strong enough to remove the fishy odor. Some tile cleaning fluids are only able to get rid of the fishy smell for a while. Then after the surface of the tile is dry, the odor will reappear. Apart from that, you may hire the best if you need professionals to clean your tiles quickly and efficiently.

It turns out the secret key lies in the use of dish cleaning liquid. As we all know, dish cleaning fluid can kill germs and bacteria completely. The liquid also has a very fragrant lemon aroma. By mopping the cleaning liquid on the tile, the tile is more protected and fragrant.

So how do you mop the tile using dish cleaning liquid?

Tools and materials :

Dish-cleaning liquid



Clean the entire tile surface first. The method is done by sweeping the tile. Make sure all the dust and dirt is gone. Give more attention to the corner of the room that is often filled with dirt.

Prepare a dish cleaning liquid that has a lemon aroma. You can use S * night or M * ma Glue * n. Just prepare this dish cleaning liquid as much as 3 tablespoons.

Pour water into a medium-sized bucket. Then add the dish cleaning liquid to it. Stir for a while so that the dish cleaning liquid is mixed with water.

Now it’s time to mop the surface of the tile. Broadly speaking, the steps are the same as mopping the tile normally. You need to dip the mop into a bucket that has been filled with cleaning fluid, then squeeze it briefly to reduce the water content.

The mop was then rubbed onto the tile surface evenly. Repeat this working step until the entire surface of the tile has been perfectly pressed. The result is that the tile becomes clean and shining. The fishy smell that had previously been on the surface of the tile now changed to the aroma of fragrant and fresh lemon.
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