Land Rover apparently has a division that specializes in restoring their old cars to be sold again. After the success of the Land Rover Defender Series I restoration program, for those of you fans of old, classic or retro cars, you will definitely be amazed by this one car. The Land Rover Classic Division plans to restore the first 10 Range Rover in the Range Rover Reborn program. The aim is to give choices to prospective customers, whether the Range Rover Sport or buy the original Range Rover MK I new taste. Aside from that, if you need to rent a high-quality Range Rover car soon, then we suggest you rent it from the trusted range rover hire uk.

The Land Rover Classic does not rule out the possibility to add more units if there are many requests. But for the first stage 10 units first. Because finding a donor car to restore is not easy. And the search for cars over the age of 40 covers the whole world, even though most of the 10 units are found in the European plains. The selection also requires high accuracy, especially in matching frame numbers, engines and other historical things that make the Range Rover worthy of high collection value.

Having a Range Rover Reborn is not as easy as buying a new car as usual. Lucky buyers and selected by the manufacturer, are involved in the restoration process of their chosen car. Every car handled by the Land Rover Classic is held by a team of expert and skilled hands. They collaborated with buyers to find the best car to become the base for restoration. The buyers were educated about the collectability values, the characteristics of their selected Range Rover units and frame number recommendations.

The total restoration carried out returned the factory standard specifications in 1970 and used the original Land Rover parts that year. Therefore, don’t be surprised if this reborn Range Rover is labeled with prices starting at £ 135,000. An amazing price for an old car, and certainly not a ‘toy’ carelessly that is only suitable for a handful of people.