To make our homes safer, usually, we will use a padlock in addition. There are many types of locks that we can choose and don’t forget to use a key cutting service to make duplicate locks.
1. Straight locking model
Another alternative form is a padlock with a straight lock model. Having a working method similar to the previous model, the locking model is not curved like a conventional model, making it more compact.
This one padlock model is generally used to lock metal doors, containers and iron safes. The smaller locking model makes it safer from the risk of being damaged and broken into.
2. Combined passcode as key
In terms of form, this one padlock model looks similar to other models of conventional security devices. Instead of the key, this model uses a lock system that needs to be rotated to form a security code so that the lock is open.
Besides being more practical, not just anyone can unlock this because they need to know the security passcode. Don’t choose a passcode that is easily guessed by someone like your birthday, huh!
3. Double security with a passcode and key
This padlock model utilizes multiple security from a combination of passcode and key. If you forget the numeric code, you can still open it with a key. Your home security will certainly be maintained properly, provided you keep the primary key well and do not tell others about the storage location.
4. Chain model
Sometimes, a padlock is used to secure the chain. Starting from the gate, garage door, or warehouse, in general, the security with the chain is used when locking on the conventional model is inadequate. Now, you no longer need to have a padlock separate from the chain because there is already a chain model padlock equipped with its own locking system so that it is more practical and safe.
The chain model padlock can also be used to secure a motorcycle or bicycle while parking outside the house so it is not stolen by wandering thieves.