Painting can not only be done on paper, walls or canvas. You can do face painting by visiting face painting san diego. To make sure the paint you are using is safe, you can make it yourself with the following ingredients:

Face lotion
1/4 teaspoon of vegetable oil
Washable paint or natural food coloring
Small containers and bowls

However, if you feel lazy to make your own, you can visit – and we will help you to get the face results you want.

How to make face painting:

– Start by making a base to paint face by mixing cornstarch with face lotion until it forms a thick dough. Add vegetable oil, so the paint is not easy to crack. Do not let the mixture be too runny.

– Add a spoonful of the mixture to a tiny bowl and add enough to the size of washable paint. You can find colorful washable paint packages at a local craft shop. Using washable paint, not natural food coloring creates a solid color that won’t stain clothes – or your face. Most are non-toxic and, if diluted, are safe to use on the skin. Remember to avoid using around the eye and mouth area.

– Add color until you have a whole set of face paint. For a little shine, sprinkle glitter eye shadow into the container or apply it over face paint to allover glitter.

– Apply using a facial sponge or lip brush to make details. For smoother applications, add a few drops of water to the paint. Just like new makeup, rub a little face paint on the skin to check for allergic reactions before being applied.

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