The taste quality of wine that has been mixed with ice cubes will drop dramatically. It’s because the wine will be contaminated with water that melts from ice. If you want to drink it in cold conditions, put the wine bottle in a pile of ice cubes or put it in the refrigerator first. Meanwhile, you may visit if you need the best equipment for your wine.

Maximum temperature of 12 degrees

Wine, both red and white wine, must be stored in a room with a maximum temperature of 12 degrees. Moreover, the acidity will be damaged. “Wine will taste like vinegar because, at a hot room, the acidity will increase dramatically,” Kristin said.

Dessert wine must be drunk in cold conditions

Especially for sweet wine or wine dessert, which is a wine that is eaten for dessert, the presenter must ensure that the wine has entered the refrigerator. After being removed from the fridge, the wine must be eaten immediately. “Wine must be taken when it’s cold,” Kristin said. It’s because dessert wine will only feel fresh when it’s cold.

Time of storage after the bottle of wine is opened

Wine must be drunk immediately after opening. Because, if stored too long, the quality of the taste will be reduced. Red wine, for example, must be spent a maximum of 3 days after opening. The white wine must be eaten at least a week.