Do you have pet pets like dogs or cats at home? Pets can prove to give their impression for the owner. Besides being considered as a friend or more a part of a family member, having a pet is also believed to be able to improve the quality of your life. When you have been busy doing activities all day outside the house, playing with pets at home is believed to be able to reduce stress and depression levels to increase your ability to socialize. If you have pets at home, it is very important to deter fleas from your pet from settling on the carpet or bed of the house. You could call a professional pest control Columbia SC to help you get rid of flea problems in your house.

There are many simple ways that you can do at home so that furniture and textile materials in your home stays clean from the reach and interference of pet fleas. You could use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet where your cat or dog sleeps to clean fleas and the eggs. Use a vacuum with a high-strength vacuum that does not damage your carpet material. Carefully clean or empty the vacuum cleaners because the fleas will still be living. Clean your animal’s carpet and bed so that fleas and eggs drop to the floor and wash your animal’s bed weekly with an ideal temperature over 50 ° C to exterminate fleas.

Pay attention when changing carpets, installing beds, etc., to avoid increasing flea eggs. Consider putting your pet’s bed in a place without carpet, like on a wooden floor. Collection of lice in small amounts can be overcome by spraying insect killers or lice. A collection of ticks that have settled will spread around the house and require professional treatment. Don’t wait until flea bites bring discomfort to you and your pet at home, call the professional pest control immediately.