One of the reasons why you often feel inferior about being yourself is because you often compare yourself to others who are better than you. Even if you already know yourself well, you will not do that. It’s because when you know yourself well, you will know all the weaknesses and strengths that you have. And you can accept all the shortcomings by always trying to improve it and develop the strengths you have. Moreover, when you want to build confidence to approach a girl, and the girl doesn’t text back , you must not compare yourself with others who may be texted back by her. You may love yourself and protect yourself from unnecessary stress and pain by moving on to other girls, or simply wait a few days for her to text you back, but if she is still ignoring you, you can simply move on.

Getting to know yourself also means you can respect yourself. You can and dare to be honest with yourself. That’s when you will no longer compare yourself to other people. You will only focus on continuing to improve your weaknesses, instead of continuing to complain and envy others.

When you compare yourself to other people you are actually lowering yourself. Because you feel no better than other people. Then if you dare to demean yourself let alone other people. That is what causes you to feel inferior all this time because you are easily humiliated by others.

Even though there are still many people who are not as fortunate as you are now. There are still many people who can’t be who you are now and can’t get what you get now. The life you are complaining about now can be the life that other people dream about.

So learn to be grateful for what you are now and what you have got now. Being what it does not mean maintaining the bad habits and traits that you have, but continually trying to correct your deficiencies.

Just focus your efforts on correcting your weaknesses rather than continuing to compare yourself to others who will only make you feel more inferior. And this lack of confidence will hinder good in your life.