If you have always been active to determine the topic of the conversation, when you are speechless try to wait and give a pause so that women ask you and determine the topic of your chat. If indeed she is interested in you, women will also try so that you don’t run out of chat topics when dating. Don’t you keep asking questions as if you were just doing a job interview, give a chance to a woman to ask something about you too. The same goes when you have a chat with a girl, so you may also want to learn how to text a girl.

Discuss general chat topics.

When you run out of words and chat topics, you can discuss general chat topics related to you. The general topic of conversation that you can talk about is about yourself / your family, hobbies/interests, study, and work or whatever happened to you that day.

If you really are an attractive man, you must have an interesting life to tell and share with women. There should be lots of things you can tell women about yourself, your family, your hobbies and interests or your education and career.

Think about what happened to you that day or the latest news that is being hotly discussed.

Now if this is even easier, when you run out of words with women, you can remember what events or experiences you have gone through today, or what events you saw this morning, you can ask them to comment on what you natural or what event you just saw.

Or whatever comment you see right then and there. For example, how the atmosphere of the restaurant where you eat, how you feel you can go out and have a date with her, what is your first impression to see it, or you just ask her about your appearance, are you already quite attractive and fit in the criteria of her ideal man or whatever you can comment on.