Malicious software/programs (commonly called malware) can infect computers and do things that harm you, such as collecting personal data, accessing programs or systems on the network, and preventing the computer from running efficiently. There are a number of signs that can indicate whether your computer has been infected by a malicious program, and certain steps you can take to detect and remove it from your computer. To get the best software development service, you can visit

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Look at the window that appears and persuades you to download an antivirus program. If your computer has been infected with a malicious program, you may receive a pop-up window that tells you that your system has been infected and you must download a certain program to remove the virus.

See if your computer runs slower than usual. Most malicious programs will carry out tasks behind which consume higher computer resources. If the computer does not have any applications running, and there is a lot of free memory on your device, your computer might be infected by a malicious program.

Verify that the antivirus program and firewall have been disabled. Some malicious programs have the ability to disable antivirus programs and firewalls on your computer without your consent. Notice whether your computer has been damaged lately. Some malicious programs will damage or delete certain files that are needed so that your computer can run efficiently. If a particular operating system or application suddenly crashes, is slow, or sometimes breaks down, there may be a malicious program on your computer.

Check whether your computer hardware responds to commands. In some cases, a malicious program infection will prevent you from using mice, printers, and keyboards, and can even deactivate certain features. Search for unusual error messages that you might have received. Malicious programs will sometimes damage the computer and it displays unusual messages when you try to access certain programs. Check whether your personal email and social media accounts have been hijacked. If you notice any strange e-mail messages in the outbox, posts or messages directly on social media accounts that you have never written before, your system may have been infected with a malicious program.