The rainy season has arrived for countries in Southeast Asia, especially in tropical regions. Where it is undeniable, that rainwater can cause a very noisy sound if the water is about the roof of a building and cause inconvenience to people who are in the room. In the modern era, many people have begun to realize the need for Coatings or Roof Insulation for Silencers, because it is realized that roof noise when it is forged by rainwater is very disturbing to one’s focus and concentration. Additionally, if your crawlspace insulation is broken, we recommend you hire the trusted crawl space repair columbia sc.

Sound and heat insulations

Aluminum Foil Bubble, a sound insulation product that can reduce noise to 15Db. In addition, there are several excellent features besides silencing, including:

 Reflectivity or reflect heat up to 97%.
Waterproof or not soaked in water.
For installations do not use Wiremesh.
Easy to install.
Hygienic (Food grade) and does not cause allergies.
Antibacterial and not moldy.
Hold and not spread the fire.
Environmentally friendly.

This insulation is produced with quality materials, where both sides of the insulation are coated with aluminum foil with a purity level of 99.9%.