It’s not difficult to realize the dream of having a comfortable and modern bathroom, provided you know the tips. Window design, ventilation, until the selection of the right color is an important component to create a dream bathroom. Here are the mistakes that must be avoided in doing bathroom remodeling:

1. Dark Space
Choose a wide window design for natural lighting from the sun. If this is not possible, choose the right lights to store in your dream bathroom.

2. The Right Material
A bathroom is a humid place, so do not use porous or water-soluble materials. You should use a solid and waterproof material to last long.

3. Color Selection
Choose pleasant colors for decorating walls and floors. You can also add colors to your taste.

4. Placement of Goods
Make the bathroom an area that is comfortable for you. Do not store unnecessary items. You can store everyday items in the bathroom.

5. Incorrectly installing the bathtub
Don’t buy the wrong bath, let alone the wrong installation. It will harm you forever.

6. Ignore drainage and pipelines
If you ignore the possibility of a hydraulic failure after the completion of the construction can occur. Therefore, check the pipe and drainage system by a professional.

7. Mirror placement
By positioning the mirror in the right place, the size of the bathroom looks wider.

Avoid putting too many objects into your bathroom. At least enter the really important interior in the bathroom. Maximize the use of space as best you can to make the bathroom space comfortable. To maximize the bathroom space so that it does not become narrow, it is better to use a drawer, shelf, or hanging cabinet. Those are some things that must be considered when you want to renovate a bathroom Do not let you make these mistakes because in the future you will be troubled by having to renovate it again!